Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Customers' owned infrastructures

"Why isn’t the state planning to become the last mile provider and just give everyone free connectivity.? His answer was intensely practical: we don’t have the money to do that; it wouldn’t happen fast enough with just state money; the state shouldn’t be picking the technology winners and losers, a public-private partnership can and will get Vermonters what they need."
Tom Evslin

Reading thin written by a US citizen surprises me.
I would have expected something like this written from a Russian or somebody who has a "communist" vision of the society.
Well my idea is:
Since the State won't do anything of that kind unless it is almost obsolete, why not doing it all together?
I mean, as everybody owns his house and garden and has for example an electricity network in his home, why not buying the last mile?
And may be a share of the big pipe?
On him would be just the maintenance costs that would be very low, since they are shared by millions.
I do not think it is impossible, I think it is feasible for the fact that the ones who earn enormously on the leasing of the network are numerically much weaker than the ones who would profit from a system like that.
Lowering the costs and expanding broadband?
This is IT.

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