Saturday, March 24, 2007

Talking technology without knowing technology, what will be the next Killer application?

Computers are still too intelligent, or in other words, they are still not dumb enough.
The future will be in focusing more on what technology can do than on what technology is.
That was the secret of the success of Windows.
The dumb way to approach the Computer, the kingdom of the PC.
Everybody could use one and ENJOY using one.
It was more a play than a tool.
Because it was damned dumb and reachable.
You didn't have to study manuals or learning skills.
You just had to CLICK and something happen and depending on the action and the consequences you learned how to read, write, send and receive an email.
You learned how to copy and paste, how to download and save.
Millions learned it, and when millions use the same thing, that is going to be a "Mass Market Product" and usually wide spread "Mass Market Products" make somebody rich, very rich.

So, what will be the next killing application?
The dumbest, easier and most rewarding tool to reach what the "Mass" wants.
Beware of Technology!!!

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