Sunday, March 11, 2007

San Jose, a sunny place to live

If you plan to move or to buy a home in San Jose I think you are a lucky person.
I was there many years ago and what I liked best was its wonderful weather.
It never rains in California...well, it isn't 100% true, but close to it...

And if you come from a place like the North of Italy, you certainly appreciate it a lot.
No freezy Winters or chilly Springs, cold Autumns or the hottest Summers...
If the weather is not the issue you can be sure to have many other reasons to live there.
San Jose is the gateway to Northern California! It's a clean, safe, family-friendly city with world-class amenities. It has great golf courses, one-of-a-kind museums and is a short drive to wineries, the beaches of Santa Cruz, the Monterey Peninsula, Napa Valley and San Francisco.
The region houses many large technology companies such as Adobe Systems, Cisco and eBay. Also, South San Jose is home to the IBM Almaden Research Center. This provides many employment opportunities for home owners and contributes to the large middle to upper-class professional population that invests in South San Jose real estate.

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