Friday, November 10, 2006


If competition is the mother of progress, paying more is certainly the father of a new "review business".

As I wrote some time ago, the advertisement of the future won't be the one we are used to.
For the simple reason that since "we are used to" it isn't effective anymore.
And "advertisers want customers, not clicks".
And YOU HAVE to satisfy advertisers.
The advertisement of the future will be embedded in something the possible client wants to read or to see or to listen to.
It can be a movie, where the main carachter eats or drinks, or telephones or whatever, with the stuff you want to advertise.
But that is not for everybody, at least not for now.
Or it can be a song or IT CAN BE A BLOG.

That is what I am going to advertise.
A blog that can "review" in his posts what they pay him for.

And since he is free to choose what to review or not review, it won't necessarily be the kind of advertisement slavishly imitating the American style of breathless superlatives, with all their silly implications (buy our shampoo and you'll get a husband; buy our perfume and you are sure to be attacked by hungry males).

The effect of these advertisements will be vastly improved because they will be more realistic.
Some ads, for example, could be given an undertone of gambling:

XYZ is a brand new SEO.It can help you in your search. Or of course it may not. Who can tell? Try it. You may be lucky. The odds against you are only 3 to 1.


Try your luck on BMX Best Food & Recipes. Most people detest it, You may be an exception.

Or appeal to man's sense of fairness:

S.O.S They are doing badly. Business is rotten, Buy DV Hardware and give them a chance.
Honestly they are not much worse than other makes.

Or, just using moderate language.
Making no extravagant claims; being vague and incoherent, in other words, being natural:

This new chocolate is rather nourishing.
Never mind the taste.

Or else, directly inviting the reader:
Can you tell the difference between XYZ margarine and XYZ hair tonic? I can't...

I hope I gave you an idea of what Review me is.
And of course I am even paid to explain it.
Isn't it great?

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