Sunday, November 05, 2006

Computers abstrac not

In reality John Locke said "beasts abstract not", but that was when the computers didn't exist.

If he had been born several years later may be he would have talked about computers and artificial intelligence.

Nevertheless his theories apply to our contemporary world.

Symbols are the instruments which convert raw intelligence into culture.
Without them "men's life would be one of immediate appetites, immediate sensations, limited to a past shorter than his lifetime, at the mercy of a future he could never anticipate, never prepare for.
In such a world out of hearing would be out of reach, and out of sight would be out of mind".

Being conscious of self, man was able to invent languages to communicate thoughts, work his environment, create concepts to express ideas, and images to identify the supernatural forces which surrounded him.

All this doesn't belong to computers and I am afraid there is no hope it ever will.

The computer and its programs are as intelligent as the man who made them.
And its logic doesn't go further than what is programmed for.


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