Friday, November 03, 2006

Today's new interesting challenge

I have to write a post on PPP forum.
They pay $7,55 and the comment should be "neutral".
That means I can write what I want.
And be paid just to write it.
Well, I think it is not bad, and I do not agree with my Husband (I never agree with husbands)
You're falling so low...
If that is low, well I could even go a little bit lower... I would write it also for $7,50...

Going back to the subject.
I will write what I think a good Forum should be in my opinion.
Providing that the Internet is the Landscape of the mind, and a forum the place where you discuss and exchange ideas, first you have to have a "moderator" which more than moderate, stimulates.
He must be provocative enough and inventive enough to start a conversation.
Always in the background, ready to come in when there is a lack of words.
The world is a dull affair: soundless, scentless, colourless.
It's the brain that does all the work, parses the spectrum, sorts out the shapes and lines, puts all together to form a mental picture.
The words are the expression of the mind and the conversations are the expression of ourselves.

The more the ideas the better the conversation, the more succesful the Forum.

All the rest is just software...