Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PR or Page Ranking

The Page Ranking is the symbol of a corporation.
It is not a sign of is a sign OF the quality.

The highest your ranking, the highest your value.
Because the highest are the opportunities to be found, to be seen, to be known.
And if your product IS also good that means increased sales.

The Internet is a big Mall where people shop using search engines as guides.
They bring customers to sellers and also sellers to customers.
And there is a huge literature about rankings, positioning, links and so on.
It pays off to be a guru of Search Engines algorithms.
The expert is a magician that can decide the future of your business.
They say it is not important to be the best, but to be the best commercialized.
And I would add the easiest found.

And if you have no time and no knowledge to be a guru, you should invest in a good company that can help in promoting your site.

Something like
Their SEO services specialize in increasing your companies website's marketing efforts and search engine traffic to increase online sales for your business or your interactive agency customers.

What do they offer:

1) Affordable Search engine promotion
2) Link Popularity Text Link Advertising
3) Keyword Ranking Reports
4) Self Service Professional SEO tools
5) A solid link popularity campaign
6) PPC Setup, Tracking and Management Tools

Well, I think you couldn't do more than DiscountClick.
And more, you would need a lot of time and experience.
Besides, Search Engines Algorithms change quite often and, I say this out of personal experience, as soon as you understand how they work, they change it and you have to begin again...
Believe me, it's a hard job, without the assurance to be successful.
And I really believe that it is better you concentrate in offering a good quality product or service to your customers and let the Promoting job to DiscountClick ...

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