Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Virtual reality

"Real Virtuality
The Economist profiles Carl Bass of Autodesk

It will be the ability to experience a thing before it is built, says Mr Bass. Before bending actual metal for a new Boeing aircraft, for instance, its designers ought to be able to feel what it will be like to sit in as a passenger..."

Would it be nice too, imagine to eat chocolate, feel its delightful taste, smell the toasted beans, feel the sweetness of a 1.000.000 calories cream cake, and what about the smell of a dish of 2.000.000 calories lasagne?
If you are the unlucky one that gets fat just looking at the forbidden food, then you can always escape to the virtual reality.
It won't fill your stomach, but you'll be happy seeing you didn't achieve the side effects.

But if you are the lucky one who can afford to eat as much as you like, or you are the lucky one who owns a friendly scale and a friendly mirror (one of those who think twice before reflecting what they see) then you can go to this website I just found gift baskets and order as much as you like and of course as much as you can afford...and deliver it to yourself, may be with a nice card "enjoy as long as you can"...

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