Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How to grow young

The only thing that comes to us without effort is old age.
Everybody knows how to grow old.
It's the simplest thing in life: you just let it happen.
It is growing young that requires a certain skill and also time and money.
The easiest way is faking it.
That you can achieve with plastic surgery and you can begin injecting twice a year substances that slightly paralyze your face muscles and in that way smooth your face and of course take away every expression.
That is called "botulino" and it is something that you can find in expired home made preserves and if you accidentally eat it, you can be sure you won't grow old at all, and also you won't grow young, you just won't grow...
Let us be honest: it is better to look a great 50 years old than a monstrous 20...

If you believe, like me, that it is better being than faking, that nothing is better than looking yourself in a great shape than somebody else in a fake look, you will choose less traumatic ways to grow young.
And if it is true that we look what we are, then if we want to look good we HAVE to be good.
The road to beauty begins from a healthy body.
The road to youth begins with a young body.
And that is something you have when you are 20 and you can keep if you are smart enough (and you know how to).
A good diet and exercises help and in the good diet I would include some antioxidants which help the cells of your body and your brain to keep as they are, without aging.

By taking daily two antioxidant capsules of an antioxidant like Proleva, you can fight aging at the cellular level, helping your outside look in a natural way.
I do not say you will look 20, but you will certainly look great and more than anything, you will FEEL great, and active and strong.
If you want you can:

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Using antioxidants to neutralize free radicals before they attack your body’s cells you can greatly slow down the aging process. With them it is possible to age gracefully; looking, feeling and acting younger than you really are.
And we have four good reasons to decide to fight aging in the NATURAL way:

1) Our head is clearer.

2) Our health is better.

3) Our heart is lighter.

4) Our purse is heavier.

And if we are always the same age inside, let's it show on the outside too...

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