Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stealth Cam Hidden Camera

When is a hidden camera a good idea?

If you ask me: Of course, when I WANT to film somebody, something, or somewhere.
And of course it is highly forbidden when they want to film me or something regarding or linking to me...
You can always find the best excuses.

Security reason is always good.
In the name of security you can even start wars, having guns (and may be using them) and sometime even killing.
Therefore, you can positively be sure that you can use a hidden camera.

Another good reason could be checking if your husband or boyfriend is faithful. (But of course HE cannot check you)
You have the RIGHT to know.

Third reason could be if you have a son or a daughter to check what they do thinking nobody can check them.
Sometimes that is surprisingly interesting.
Moreover, it belongs to a parent's right to KNOW.

Even better if your children are still children.
You just "control" them.

Fourth reason could be checking your dog or whatever and filming them.
You can always try a contest with the funniest candid camera movie.

There are millions of other usages for it.
The important is that you use the right camera.
It would be really a disaster filming something interesting and not being able to see it rightly, because you used a cheap camera.
Another feature should be the ubiquity that just a wireless camera can give you.
Tell me: How could you use a hidden camera, if you had to plug it somewhere, leaving visible traces of what you are doing?
If you do something WRONG you Have to do it in the RIGHT way, using the RIGHT equipment.

Hidden Camera
can be:

1) A nanny cam (in the children room)
2) A spy camera (wherever you need a Spy camera)
3) A hidden camera, because it is wireless and hardly detectable.
4) A "dummies proof" tool.(even I could use it).

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