Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tile floors

Why a woman would never throw an atomic bomb?
The answer is very simple: she hates disorder and dust.
Just thinking all the damages and work to clean I get the goose skin...

That is why I love tile floors.
Especially QUALITY tile floors.
You wash them once a day and they look wonderfully clean and shiny.

Italy is supposed to be the country where they produce wonderful tiles, and indeed it is.
But you can imagine my surprise this morning when I was looking for some writable post on PPP and found this website Ceramic Tile On Sale - Fast Floors and went there for a "curiosity look".
They have the biggest assortment of tiles I ever saw, with the most wanted types (at least from me, for example, the Glass tiles which are absolutely stunning in a bathroom, with bright and shining colors like that special turquoise blue I love,)and what is most astounding is THE PRICE.
YOU would never find the same quality in Italy at the same price.
Well this could be a reason why I would like to live in USA.
You can change the color of your bathroom for one third of the price you would spend in Italy!
And they have really everything, even stones!!!
If you have a castle and you want an old looking floor I think you should have a look here.
But you can find everything also for a small apartment...
And they even have a knowledgeable sales team to help you.
What I like is you can choose and think in your own home, and then order and get special prices for quantity.
I am really thinking to ask how much is going to be shipping to Italy...

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