Saturday, November 04, 2006

What you see is What you see

Theoretically everybody is capable of remembering everything that ever happened to them and perceiving everything that's happening around them.
Luckily this never occurs.
We only notice things which are directly relevant to our daily routine, in consequence we tend to reduce our environment.
Blinkered by habit we glance around rather than look with acuity.
That is why making an effective commercial is getting more and more difficult.
It must be provocative and humoristic.
It must be short, immediate and easily understandable.
It must be different, because our eyes do not see anymore what we are used to.
And in a case of an unprofessional like myself, you add all the difficulties to find the right material, the right words, the right everything.
What you won't lack is the fun.
And that IS what makes you doing it...

What you see is WHAT you see

You can have a look at mine and of course you are welcome to comment it and say all you like and want as long as it is POSITIVE...
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