Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is entertainment?

Mostly it is the way people can forget their problems, they can live another life, new experiences, new challenges.

It can be a book, a movie, theatre, a video game, and virtual reality offered by the new technologies.
Since the dawn of humanity, man used the brain to build abstracted reality.
That was done in a cave scratching the stone walls to draw hunting scenes in which He was the master and could decide his future.
Later, in a more civilized society man built theatres and actors performed and presented scenes of a life that belonged to somebody else in which the spectator could imagine himself acting and living.
The more realistic, the more catching.
Since then, the entertainment business has gone far on the same road, using the available technology.
TV, in the long run, was for long the best mean to offer a virtual reality in which the consumer could dream to live.

But now, with the Internet and the new technologies we can follow a different and more realistic road.
The entertainment can really become the second life, a virtual life that is so close to the real one, the consumer won’t see much difference.
All his senses will be involved in it (or at least most of them).

What is reality if not the outside reflected on the mirror of our senses?
What if the outside didn’t really exist, or changed in base of the mirror?
What if we built a new outside world perceivable by our senses as well as the real one?
What if the outside world was what we want it to be?
What if life went the way we want?
What if virtual reality was so close to reality as to be almost the same?
The future technology will be able to offer it, in how many years I do not know.
The question now is:
Will it be better or will man just go on being the same?