Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Family's discounted communication

In a Communications Era, communicating is getting expensive.
Especially for a big family.
Once, when we used the voice, the only problem was the noise of many voices all together, now, it is more a problem of cost than a problem of noise.
The world is getting smaller and this is the price we pay to make it smaller.
Either on Planes' bills or (the cheapest) on telephone bills.
And we are getting so used to the phone (cell phone) that it has become an appendix of our mouth.
It is almost like wearing glasses.
When you get used to them you are blind without.
Would we still be able to communicate without a phone?
We do not say anymore "I Will talk to her..." we say "I will call her...".
"Give me a call" "You can find me at 356..."
Once we used to say "come and have a coffee, I live"

Well, since we cannot go back and change habits at least we could try to make the new habits less expensive.
And the best way is to "Have a plan"like:
We buy calls in "bulk quantity" and share among the people of the family.
The more we are the cheapest it gets...
is where you can find or at least look for a convenient "communication plan".

The next step is to decide priorities among family members and the budget you want.
Happy "Communications" with:

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