Friday, November 03, 2006

Criticism is free: the architecture of trust

Yes, the Internet is nothing else than the mirror of our world.
Virtual reality looks so much like real reality.
It's like Religion, you can smell by far it was made by men.

"The next generation of the internet needs to be able to reassure users that they can establish the original source of the information they digest."
It will never be possible.
If they can hack the information, they can also hack the source of the information.
And I would even suggest that it would be extremely dangerous to reassure users of something nobody can do.
You would create dangerous believes.
It's better to know nothing is certain, nothing can be 100% reliable, so you just take it as it is.
Anyway people believe what they want and like to believe, that is what our society is based on.
To create an effective commercial, a good market product you can promise anything as long as it is feasible...
And then, if you do not fulfill what you was just a commercial...
I do not think "devotees of blogging sites take too much information on trust", as they do not take too much information on trust from any other mean.
And then:
an idea isn't responsible for the people who believe in it...