Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cell phones and plans

Marketers are busy marketing things that they would want to buy, not that their customers would prefer.

The average customer is usually lazy, because has no time and no interest in looking for the best offer, the best hardware, the best plan.
He ends in buying the first choice that’s “good enough”, no matter what the price or the features.
He doesn’t read the instructions, the manuals, the specifications.
He looks at the outside and at the “look” or at the “brand”.

But in every market there’s a subset of geeks and nerds that like to think and search before spending.
For them there are companies that propose both Cell phones and plans to use them.
For the ones who are in a hurry and do not like to waste time searching on the Net offers a huge selection of the most known brands.
In webpage you can read all the features and specifications, you can compare prices and find what you are looking for.
And if you are not too much in a hurry or too lazy, at you can find the phone and the plan that can suit you and your family.
You can save money and time, because you find all in one website.

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