Saturday, November 04, 2006

China and the West World

"Their aim is to reach what executives call "the next billion users" of consumer technologies like the Internet and cellular phones."

They are beginning to copy WELL.
That is something you learn by experience.
The more you do, the better you become.
In spite of all the efforts of the "copied"

Now they have a strategy, and a good one.
Yes, out there is a huge market, because there is a huge number of possible customers.
The trick is making them "ABLE" to consume, in other words, to give them the money to spend to buy your products.
And that will follow, as rain follows the sun, as morning follows the night.

It is true that there is only one Ferrari, but it is also true that the year is just 365 days and a life is the average of 80 years, and if you earn $1000 a month you will be able to buy a Chinese car and NOT A FERRARI.

This is right thinking and right thinking IS right marketing.