Friday, November 17, 2006

Antonio Master Impressionist

All the excitement in the internet world now today is:
• Content
• Connectivity
• Community
• Commerce

Content because “Content is the King“! Content in form of data - raw data, not something broadcasted from a centralized server.
Content seen as P2P. As something you produce, you get and you share.

Connectivity seen as a way to new means of communication. Personal and group communication. Including voice and video communications. It is the "long dreamed" video phone.

Community seen as Forums, chat rooms, platform to which the Internet users belong.

Commerce as new way of marketing. Not the usual advertisements that nobody sees anymore, but as short, humoristic movies in which the commercial is embedded.
Or Blogs talking about an interesting subject and then with links to one or more products.

This video could be seen as a sample of entertaining, amateurish video.
If you are not a professional you have to fill the lack of technology with the richness or peculiarity of content.
The principal aim of any video is showing something the customer wants to see.
It doesn't necessarily have to be a "million dollars" movie to entertain the viewer.
On the contrary, the shortness could reveal a quality.
You do not need to keep the customer too long.


Antonio Master Impressionist

The escamotage of the catfish is a good one. Something everybody could do, if he just had the idea to...
And it is also what makes a video of this kind different from the ones we are used to.
At the end of the day, I guess the new kind of IPTV or whatever you want to call it, will be a winner, at least among the Internet users.
It is true, Tom Cruise will still have his fans and go on making expensive movies, but it is also true that the day has just 24 hours and if in the free part of them you spend your time on the Internet, Tom Cruise will certainly loose a lot of customers...

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