Sunday, November 05, 2006

Being a blogger

Once in a while people HAVE to come to terms and ask themselves: What am I doing?
That happened to me a few minutes ago and I began screening my roundabouts.
I began this blog as a VoIP blog, and I was quite taken in the beginning.
Shouting against monopolies and Telecoms.
Then somebody asked me(politely): What is your IT background?
Since my IT background was mostly my husband, I began to think it was kind of weak.
So that I added, "myself" and one day I generalized it to cover the full range of possible posts to "life".
And since then I feel quite happy to post as much, as long, as bad or good as I am able to.
The fact is that I am a "writer" in the sense that I like to write.
If I am able or not, that is of secondary importance, since I write, because I like to.
Give me a subject and I will write about it.
I think I was born a blogger in an age where blogging didn't exist.
I am happy somebody invented it, otherwise I would have had to express myself in some other way.