Sunday, November 19, 2006

Scarcity of means creates richness of content

I won't say that our generation was better, because it wasn't.
And I am not saying that our world was better, because it was the same world we live in now.
We were different because we had less.
I loved reading, but I didn't have many books, at least I didn't have all the books I would have liked to have.
The big regret in my life is that I was born too early.
Had I been born later, I would have had the Internet and I think I would have been a little bit better, or at least I would have had more chances to be...

Nevertheless not everything that looks bad is bad.
The scarcity of means often means the richness of content.
I had few books, so I read them more than once.
And the second time you read a book you ALWAYS find something you overlooked the first time.
And I still do it now.
With the books I like. I once in a while read them again. And find something new everytime.
And not because the book has changed, but because I AM CHANGED.
You see more if you know more.
The big advantage to have a good culture is that you LIVE MORE.
You see more of the world that is around you, you understand more the people who surround you, you enjoy more everything.
The more you know music the mmore you understand the ones who play and sing.
The more you know about art, the more you enjoy seeing an artist's work.
And so on.
So, having less sometimes is the road to more...

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