Saturday, November 11, 2006

The virtual life

"That said, take away their AIM or MySpace or SMS or whatever their primary form of asynchronous messaging with their friends is and they will start twitching and moan about how you've ruined their life."

It doesn't matter what you do or where you go, it matters you do it "together with your friends".
That is where the fun is.

I would include in that not only young people, but the full "Internet Generation"

We have two lives. One is the usual one, I wouldn't even call it real
The other is the "virtual life" which is in the computer we have in front of us most of the day.
Because the Brain, yes, it is what they say it is, a wonderful world and not just a clever machine.
Everyday we slip into our virtual world with eyes and ears and mind.
How can a man listen and speak at the same time? We have become accustomed to the rhytm of silence, we have learned about a new world.
To be part of it was not just an ambition, but was a necessity.
This new world is not the relationship of a man to remote posterity not even to a social system, but the relationship of individual man to individual man.
Everything is possible if you are able to get away with it.

It's a matter of a click and you can be everywhere, with everybody.

Socializing it's what they call it.
But it is much more.
It's being able to socialize or to be alone.
It's the way to talk and to listen in the same time.
Because the Internet is communication and discovery.

And if the real world is the one reflected by our senses, the virtual world is as real as the real one.
Because with our computer we can see, and talk and hear, and most of all, we can decide when to begin and when to stop.
And that in real life doesn't belong to us...

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