Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Radio days

I am old enough to belong to the "Radio Generation".
I guess that was the starting point of today's communications.
In my family we owned a Radio much sooner than a telephone.

The Radio brings me back to my childhood, when I used to spend Summer in my grandparents' home in the country and the Radio at that time WAS the BIG THING.
Even more than what the Internet is Today.
Everybody knew what was going on, and the second subject of the day, after talking about the weather, was: did you hear this, did you hear that?

The Radio was, compared to the TV, which came later, like the book compared to a movie.
It left you a big space for the imagination.
You did not see the person, who was talking, but you heard him or her, and you had a certain, special image of him or her.
I am sure the ones who did not belong to the "Radio Generation" cannot understand.

I saw Woody Allen's movie about it some time ago, and I can say I really liked it.
It brought me back to those years and I was a child again.
Now a days many things have changed, but deep in my heart, the Radio IS still there.
Among the things that have changed there are so many new models and they are so much better in terms of quality that it is hard to choose.
There is a website:
Digital Radio
where a new Guide has been launched, it is called the Radio Guide to help buyers uncover the truths around radio technology and what kind of radio best suits family needs.
One can see what Types & Brands are available, where to buy them, and compare prices on the range of radio brands that are available online.

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