Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Energy Returns on Energy Invested (ERoRI).

Well, that is: the return of investment when you write a post on your blog.
It doesn't necessarily have to be money, it can also be a high number of visitors.
That you can achieve writing what people want to read.
First people want to read well written posts.
Nothing can be interesting if you do not understand what the writer says.
For doing so you HAVE to write about things you KNOW and you LIKE.
Everything comes easier if you feel it.
It is something that goes from your brain to your desktop through your hands.
In a "communication era" this is the second used way for communicating (the first of course still being your voice).

Now you even have the choice to involve your customer's eyes.
A picture is worth 1000 words and a movie even more...

Then the more things you know and like the more visitors you are going to get.
Providing you have a good position in the Search Engines of course. has asked me to write about his page.
"Write whatever you like" (of course as long as it is a positive post, I think).
The whole writing is a dialogue between him and his friends.
At first you feel like an intruder.
But then you are invited to comment.
This is the impression I get when I visit somebody else's blog.
He begins the conversation and then tells me "comment" and we can begin to talk.
The website is the virtual home of somebody and it can be nice or ugly.
Welcoming or rejecting, but it is OPEN.
Which is the greatness of the Internet.
You digit the address and you ENTER and you can listen and you can talk.
The owner says "I think this about that" and you can say "I do" or "I don't".
And you can explain why and how and where.
The good thing of a blog is that you can listen and talk and you can just go away.
Without fearing to be unpolite, because nobody saw you.

So today I am going to write about your home: Jamie.
I like the small pictures on the top and I think the one there is you.
And I think you are not bad. Too young for me, too bad.
I do not like the green, I would have chosen black.
But I know sometimes I tend to be plain.
All black and white and grey.
Old style...
I like your writing style, even though I guess people like a touch of humorism, to be able to smile or even better to laugh.
But that is not easy.
As I say: humorism is in the beholder's eyes and if it isn't, well it's better to be plain than looking stupid...
I do not do marathons, but I love walking.
And I love mountains and fresh air and green scenery.
I guess that is what we have in common.
I also like the Italian Espresso or Caffelatte or Latte macchiato.
I am Italian of course and Italians are usually brought up with milk AND coffee.

What about Christmas?
I do not see anything original in your wishes.
On the other hand, I am not so original too.
I still didn't make a list.
I do not bother because I do not believe in Santa Claus anymore.
So why wasting time and work?
This is my second link:
It is not easy to place a third one, I do not know where, and I think that by now, the ones who want to visit you have already clicked.
Nevertheless this is the third one:
just in case somebody forgot and doesn't want to scroll to go up.
Have a great day Jayme, now I am going to visit (virtually) somebody else...

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Santa Claus said...

You don't believe in me? I am heart broken. I hope I can somehow restore your belief this Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Santa

Santa Claus