Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Car Insurances

Every time I have to pay my car insurance I have a SMALL heart attack.
(the big one being when I have to pay the Taxes).
On both cases YOU PAY, but you never know if your money will be worth...
How many times we have gone into the same problem: we paid for an insurance and dearly too and then found out, at the wrong moment, when we claimed what due, that there was that small print or that comma or what the hell, and in the end:
Sorry, but you are not insured for that or this or whatever.
You pay and when THEY have to pay, there is always something wrong...

So, I was positively surprise in finding out this website:
Car Insurance
which is NOT a place where you actually insure your car, but a place WHERE YOU CAN go before and after and in case...
I will explain it better.
First of all they help you to choose the right insurance, at the right price and at the right conditions and they compare the insurances and tell you the pro and the against.
It also offers reviews for Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance etc.
Not only.
Choose Insurance also offers free legal advice to people who have had their insurance claims declined or have been waiting an unreasonable amount of time to have their claim paid.
It looks almost like a dream, but it looks true!

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