Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What is the right price of a telephone call?

If you ask me, whatever price is too much, but then it depends...
When my husband is away from home and he misses me and I miss him, well we are ready to bargain for a good price.
Usually the big monopolistic Telecoms love people who travel.
They love people who miss home.
They love people in love.
They also love people who travel for business.
They love the big talkers.

Because they know they can suck their last penny or cent.

Luckily there are people who know how to make a business out of it.
I mean, to make a busness out of the Telecoms' business.
They call this new business :

Online prepaid calling cards
oHello instant Phone cards

They are delivered to users instantly via email.
Perfect for students, military bases anywhere, families, business people.
Can be used from any touch tone phone, including cell phone.
Their main advantage is the saving on long distance calls (up to 90% over traditional long distance methods).

Besides the buyer can see the call records to insure proper billing of calls.
They have no fees, like the cards you buy at the store that steel your money.
The caller can add more time as needed.
They have many unique features.

You find them here:

oHello Instant Phone Cards & Calling Cards

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