Thursday, November 09, 2006

Grid Computing

Grid computing is a software that can use the power and memory and storage of many computers large and small around the campus or around the world to solve massive computing tasks.

The grid architecture will become an extension of web services. It will use all the common items like XML, URI etc and will run on the Internet. It will use IP packets.

It will be a few years before the traffic from Grid computing hits the Internet in a big way. Because by then many grid services will use interactions betweens dozens of supercomputers and thousands of servers and PCs the traffic could be unbelievable.

Blade Server

With centralised computing continuing to gain in popularity among enterprises, the lower-cost offering will allow ClearCube to tap into new markets.

"And the desktop virtualisation capabilities enabled by these hardware products creates an even more compelling reason for businesses to embrace centralised computing."

The new Model A1010 PC blade uses an Intel Pentium 4 Model 531 processor, 80GB Serial ATA hard drive and 512MB of DDR memory.

It is compatible with any access device capable of running Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), including tablets and PDAs.

The new I8330 I/Port uses Transparent Desktop eXtension technology in place of RDP to improve video and multimedia performance, and to enable transparent USB device redirection over Ethernet.

And if the future is Grid Computing it is also the anavoidable need for an enterprise of a centralized connection and control of all its PCs.

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