Thursday, November 16, 2006

Coffee American style

The trouble with coffee is that originally it was quite a good drink.
So a group of the most eminent American scientists put their heads together and made complicated biological experiments to find a way of spoiling it.
To the eternal glory of American science their labor bore fruit.
They suggested that if you do not drink it clear, but pour a few drops of vanilla or rum into it and maybe no sugar at all, the desired object is achieved.
Once this refreshing, stimulating beverage was successfully transformed in colorless and tasteless gargling water, it suddenly became the most popular drink of America.
You must not refuse any cup of coffee under the following circumstances: if it is hot, if it is cold, if you are tired, if you are nervous, if you are gay, before you go out, if you are out, if you have just returned home, if you feel like it, if you do not feel like it, if you had no coffee for some time, if you have just had a cup.

One glorious day some American discovered the Italian coffee, drank it and changed his opinion on HOW the American Coffee should be.
I still do not know why they called it Starbuck, the name has nothing Italian in it, but at least they were intelligent enough to keep the Italian names: caffelatte and cappuccino...
But if you really want to have an Italian experience in drinking a good coffee you do not need to feed them, you can have your own machine and make a superb coffee.
Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine used in the right way can prepare a delicious beverage, almost as it should be.
And you cannot even make a mistake.
Each T-Discs features a barcode that is read by the Tassimo machine when inserted and gives instructions to the machine on exactly how much water should be used and how long the drink should be brewed as well as any other variables that are needed in preparing the perfect drink.
I am astonished.
It is true, the Americans cannot make a decent cup of coffee, but they can still make computers which can make a Perfectly Machine Made coffee.
The only problem is that you will probably be induced in drinking too many coffees...

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As it looks Americans know how to make coffee machines, but NOT how to find out the page rank.