Thursday, November 09, 2006

IPTV or Internet TV or tVadio

tVadio, at

If this IS IPTV or Internet TV I think that Berlusconi can still sleep.
If this should be competition to TV I think that for the moment there is NO competiton.

I do not see any difference with Youtube or Google Video, except for the fact that it took me around one hour to download the necessary software.
It took me longer because I installed the latest version of Microsoft Net Framework, as suggested.
Then I found out that I had to have the previous one.
So I had to disinstall it and begin the procedure again.

The window is quite small and if you try Full Screen you almost cannot see what is playing and, if you do, it is such a quality that you wouldn't be able to enjoy anything.
As I pointed out many times, on one side we are getting more and more spoiled, with high definition and big screens, perfect audio and on the other end they want to convince us that people will enjoy looking at a movie on a small cell phone screen.
But at least a cell phone gives you the ubiquity that a Tv screen cannot give you (but then, do you really need to look at TV everywhere and anytime?)

I really do not see a good improvement in looking TV on a computer screen, badly streamed on the Internet, consuming bandwidth and time...

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