Friday, November 03, 2006

Who seeds a post, harvests some cash.

At least that is what they promise.
I still have to touch it.
I already saw it, yellow on green: You will be paid $72.

That was the virtual money I earned in the easier and, for now, the funniest way.
It looks like a game.
Let's see what the opportunities are...
What could I say, I mean, what could I humoristically say about this or that...
I like to think, I like to think of something, not just rearranging my ideas. I like to have a goal, stupid or not, that is not important.
The important is to have a goal and to reach it.
And the nicest part is in doing it.

Think and you'll have the problem of disposal of ideas.
But if you have a goal, your ideas find a way, synapses become words and words become a sentence.
Many sentences make a post, you read it, you like it, you dislike it.
You change it, you cancel it, you rewrite, you preview and then you post it.
You read it again and you find out you made a terrible mistake.
How could you?
Now you have to go back and correct it.

Well, this is all. "Simply tell your PayPerPost story"
I just did it.
Now it's your turn...10 virtual dollars more...
"What are you going to do with all that money?"
I can always invest it sponsoring some payperpost posts...