Wednesday, November 08, 2006

If a computer could talk, we wouldn't understand it

I think that is it.
The secret of a succesful search engine.
Natural language or sketchy "keywordese" inputs?
The goal is translating the way we talk in a language the computer's software understands.
The main problem is that it is only through our instinctive and shared expressions of inner feelings that we are able to share thoughts with others.
Just as a structuring of noise can create music, so the composition of a painting can create a comprehensive work of art rather than a meaningless colourful mess.
The purpose of language is to convey ideas and informations from one head to another.

So, how to find the right language to be understood and understand a computer?
Probably the computer is too simple to understand the complexity of our meanings and we are too complex to find the right expressions to be understood.
The search engine is somehow something in between and should tell the database what we want to know and answering displaying the right link.

We have to find a simpler language and the computer has to become a little more sophisticated.
That's all for today...

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