Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tablet PC, what for?

I have an ebooks website: where I have more than 700 eBooks in the TK3 format.
It is the only format which allows having text and audio and I honestly say my audio eBooks are certainly the best you can find on the Net.
They are perfect for people who want to learn a language.
While they read the text, a voice in the background reads it.
Some are really great.
If you like that kind, you can try Tess of the D’Urbervilles which is my favorite.

The only problem is that I agree, it is not so pleasant to read a book on the computer screen.
That is fine for articles, for news, for short text.
But usually, when you read a book you like to relax, may be in your favorite armchair or in bed.
Well they didn't invent the Tablet Pcs for this reason, but I am glad they did invent them.
With my eBooks on them it is like having a real book in you hands.
Much better, it is like having a full library at your disposal, when you relax, when you travel, wherever you like.

Talking about Tablet PCs, if you want to have an idea you can go to this website:
Tablet PC Reviews
Where you can compare and read all the details of all the available on the market (and may be choose one where to read my e-books)
There is also a support forum, in case you want to know more and exchange opinions or just read others' opinions.

I almost forgot:
Those 700 eBooks are completely free, I do that as a hobby... Have a look...

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