Sunday, November 05, 2006

Apogee Search

AUSTIN, TX - October 24, 2006 - Today, Apogee Search, the largest pure play Search Engine Marketing firm in the Southwest, announces it has decided to endorse and support the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO). Founded in 2002, SEMPO's purpose ....bla,bla,bla.

Search Engine Marketing

Apogee Search is in full agreement with SEMPO's recent moves toward establishing standards of behavior that will hopefully aid in cleaning up the dirty underside of the Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click industry. Apogee Search CEO/President William Leake, a frequent international lecturer and guest speaker on topics such as "Avoiding Search Engine Marketing Malpractice" has long believed that SEMPO could play a more positive role in advancing the overall industry.

We have a saying in Napoli (and when it comes to crooks, believe me, you cannot find anything better in the whole world)"Fatta la legge, gabbato lo Santo".
It is not easy to translate, and may be somebody who doesn't know Napoli cannot appreciate it fully, but it means "if you can hack the product, you can also hack the source".

But they certainly give it a try.
You can see it if you go to:
Google Professional Adwords

"Clients require customers, not clicks"

Yes, they know it quite well in Napoli:
Between "making the law" and "gabbare lo santo" there is a certain time,in which you HAVE to find a new way to give customers to clients, so that the game can begin again...