Saturday, November 18, 2006

Home remodeling

I am an age in which you start to think of remodeling.
But the easiest and biggest fun is redoing my home.
I usually spend a lot in magazines and books that teach what and how to do, and besides saving money it is much more fun the do it yourself than leaving the task to somebody else.
Again I have to regret to be Italian because (I already tried it, but it doesn't work)there is a web site I found out where you can win a home makeover up to $50.000.
With that money you can do an extreme house makeover.
And it really can make a big difference to live in a place you like.
At least to me.
I spent my life collecting antiques and I have quite a good amount of nice furniture.
But the best furniture is nothing if doesn't have a nice surrounding.
The room in my house I like best (and to be honest, the one everybody likes best) is the dining room, where I have the cheapest furniture of the whole house.
But I have a very nice wall paper, with matching courtains and pillows on the chairs and nice old printings of birds on the walls.
House remodeling is an excellent way to give your home a refreshed look as well as to increase the value of your home.
Infact that is the common mistake of people who want to sell their property.
They do not understand that a small investment can upgrade the chance to sell and the amount they get.
Of course it must be carefully planed.
Sometimes you do not even need an extreme makeover
Some basic changes can do.

I guess that when you plan to take such a step you shouldn't hurry and see as much as possible.
I never tried something without knowing how it would have looked.
I think that copying something you like is much better than just putting ideas together.
The few times I did it, I finished regretting I hadn't done it.
I always ask and try and think before doing something, even painting the walls.
"Extreme home makeover" is something you should never do alone.
Unless you are a professional and have the right knowledge on how to do.
That means knowing exactly how a color will look on this or that.
Another thing you must keep in mind is that the inside is as nice as the outside.
Sometimes adding a porch to the house can change dramatically the way it looks.
That could be "extreme makeover" that extremely makes over the outside as well as the inside.
And if you belong to that lucky group of people who lives in America you really shouldn't loose the chance to win an "Extreme Make Over" of their home for up to $50,000!

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Anonymous said...

I really agree with you on the remodeling. It can improve your home's curb appeal. It is also so much easier and better to copy a look you like than to try and go off on your own.

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