Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PPP sometimes I love you

My heart melts and my eyes get almost humid, when I see those five nice words in an email in the morning when I check my mail.


Second step is looking which post and then rereading it and thinking, well, they know what they do, they certainly do. It was nice and clever...and so on...
Let's look if there is something else I can write an "almost masterpiece" about...

blog marketing

It certainly belongs to man's (in this particular case to WOMAN'S)pride thinking to be APPROVED.
There is nothing wrong with ambition and pride.
Having climbed, then enjoy the height. Do not get dizzy and do not worry about the few who have climbed higher still.

Most people are determined to give the world an idealized picture of themselves.
They want to be seen by others (and even more by themselves) not as they are, but as they are not.
Or as they would like to be.
And a payperposter is like a plastic surgeon.
He must be able to show the picture people want to show of themselves (or of their products, which is the same). And possibly in a not too boring way.
In a way that makes the reader arrive till the end of the post.

If he can do that and puts all the right links in the right place, then his post is APPROVED.

The second thing a PyPerPoster loves, (I am sure) is the Blogger dashboard, especially in the middle where, light yellow on blue, it says: "will be paid" followed by the amount the PayPerPoster thinks he will get on his account.
I guess the first: "have been paid" is not so important, and the third "sent to charity" even less.

What else does he love?
Of course the "New opportunities" where he can scroll and think of all the nice things he can write about this or about that...
If you have a specialized blog, the choice is easier, you just look at the subject, written in italic.
But if the PayPerPoster is somebody with a blog like mine which subject is:
VoIP (that includes all the Internet applications)
Myself ( health, food, sport, games...)
Life (everything)

he really can have a lot to write about. And I must honestly say that in this website you find the whole humanity in between 50 to 80 subjects everyday.
I guess a professional marketing guy couldn't hope for more.
You really cannot avoid to ACTUALLY find a subject on which you have something to say.

What do I dislike?
I know I should say nothing, that WOULD please the one who HAS to pay me for what I write.
But then I would be less credible.

First thing is that sadistic (I would like to know who had the idea to put that) verification in the login.
"Type in the characters exactly as you see them here."
I always type them EXACTLY as I see them.
And that IS the point.
The way they are NEVER matches the way I SEE them.

"CAPTCHA did not match validation"

That captcha sounds like a devilish laugh to my italian ears.
So I would propose to put something simpler, "dummies proof".

Of course the second thing I dislike is finding on my email the:

"Your post has been rejected."

What I do not understand is why in this case they do not add :

"Tell your friends how quick and easy that was!"
They could use the same email and just change the first line.
But, well, I do not want to teach the cats how to climb of course and:

PayPerPost has reasons that the blogger's reason doesn't understand...

By the way, what do I love? What do people usually love?
I love to be appreciated.
And one way is to get a revenue for the job I do.
In this bloggers and advertisers at PPP are not so much different.
They both want a boost on their website, one for the glory and one for the money.
So, I love when you approve my post and dislike when you don't.

And what do you approve?
Usually we approve what WE like and the people who think and behave as we do.
In one way you are supposed to say whatever you want, as long as it is something the others agree with...
But that, in my opinion, goes against the spirit in which this new way of marketing is done for.
If you want to market your products, usually you hire a marketing guy or a team, who prepares something ( text, video, music) that actually makes your product look great to the eyes and ears of the customer.
We did this for a long time and overflooded the market and the customers' ears and eyes.
Most of the TV commercials are or are not going to be so effective as they should.
In a few words the ROI (return of investment) has a negative sign.
Doing it on the Net has a lot of advantages.
First it chatches the attention of the people WHO ARE on the Net and ARE NOT on TV, second has different means to appeal to the customer.
One, new and in My opinion good is using blogs.
The main reason you do not have what I call "one size fits all".
Thanks to the Internet you reach a huge amount of people.
And not all like and want to see the same things.
The Internet can give you what somebody called the "long tail" or the "ad as you like".
The people who come in my blog like to see and read the things I like and show.
And they are not necessarily the people who go on somebody else's blog.
I explain better.
Not all the people who speak English nowadays are English or Americans, and NOT ALL want to read how Great and Wonderful America is or the Americans are.
So, you do not need 100% blogs insisting on that.
Or do you?
I always say the Americans were great because they went to the Moon, but Italians were even greater because they didn't even think of going there.
And you can bet there are a lot of people who think exactly as I do...
And I will like PPPas long as you will understand that what you need IS NOT one million blogs who say the usual, same "truth".

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