Friday, December 29, 2006


With blog advertising Payperpost will add a little piece to the already blooming business of Pay per Blog.

Some could find less "lowering" to publish ads on their blogs instead of writing about a brand or a product. As if the latter could diminish the value of what they write.

I'll report a comment about this matter:

"The insidious effort to buy bloggers’ voice and credibility in the name of buzz just won’t stop. So I want to make my own blogger’s pledge to you:
1. No one can buy my editorial voice or opinion.
2. No one can buy my editorial space; if it’s an ad it will clearly be an ad.
3. No one should be confused about the source of anything on my pages.
4. I will disclose my business relationships whenever it is relevant and possible.
Jeff Jarvis"

As if a good actor would stop being a good actor when he performs in a commercial.
There is a schizophrenic aspect in being an actor or a writer which makes him greater the bigger is his "performing schizophrenia".
The power of an actor is in actually "being" the character he performs, as much as the power of a writer is in "being" the character playing in his writing.
In other words, it doesn't matter what you perform or you write, it matters "how".
The subject is but the "accidental" content, while acting or writing is "presenting" or "living" that particular subject.

In my opinion writing about is much more than writing around, about something else and showing an ad on the top of the page.
Besides being different is also newer and much more effective.
One hundred people seing an ad is less than ten people reading a post about that ad.
Nothing new about that, but it could more easily catch the "PR over.."blogs.

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