Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas cards

Once people had to go to the store and buy expensive Christmas cards, go back home, write them,and go out again to the Post Office to send them.
And in the end, in places like Italy the receiver was happy to get them for Easter...
But now you go to Christmas online games where you can have fun, play games and in the meanwhile send your greetings cards...
Not only saving a lot of time, but having fun doing it and in countries like Italy being sure that they reach the receiver in a few seconds (much sooner than Easter).
And they are all Flash-based, pretty interactive and are very entertaining.
Blue Mountain now has a variety of Christmas online games that also double as eCards that you can send to other people during the holidays.

They also have Birthday eCards,Free eCards,Funny eCards,Holiday eCards,Christmas eCards,Halloween eCards,Hanukkah eCards,Kwanzaa eCards,Thanksgiving eCards,Political eCards,Religious eCards,Romantic eCards,Talking eCards...

In addition to playing the games for free, customers can receive a free 30-day trial to send unlimited eCards and a yearly eCards subscription is only $13.99. It's a much cheaper alternative to sending paper cards to everyone on your Christmas list and they are great for last-minute Christmas wishes. Membership allows users to schedule eCards to arrive on a specific date, so you can personalize a Christmas eCard now and schedule it to be sent out instantly or on Christmas Day.

Well, you really cannot find ANY excuse for not sending greeting...

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