Sunday, December 17, 2006

Two-tiered Internet

"AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. are lobbying Capitol Hill for the right to create a two-tiered Internet, where the telecom carriers' own Internet services would be transmitted faster and more efficiently than those of their competitors.
The proposal is certain to provoke a major fight with Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Time Warner Inc., and Microsoft Corp., the powerful owners of popular Internet sites. The companies fear such a move would give telecommunications companies too much control over a fast-growing part of the Internet.

The battle is largely over video services. Several major telecom companies are working on ways to deliver broadcast-quality television over the Internet. Currently, online video can be slow to download and choppy to watch, even with higher-speed Internet services.

The proposal supported by AT&T and BellSouth would allow telecommunications carriers to offer their own advanced Internet video services to their customers, while rival firms' online video offerings would be transmitted at lower speed and with poorer image quality."

What if they could (and they will) find such a good compression to be able to deliver quality video with lower bandwidth?
This happened for the voice busines, where with a few kbits on the date line (VoIP) you can compete with the Telecoms offering a better service for much less.
Let the Telecoms get the Monopoly of the Video part, then they will find themselves in the position of offering the same (may be even less) at a much higher price...
I really believe that the big monopolistic companies have to die, for a moral reason and for an economic reason as well..
As countries like US and Europe (I am european) have to realize that the cake HAS to be divided among all, including India, China and Africa...

Everybody has the right to share the richness of the world depending on his own skill and not on where he is born.
The French Revolution changed the world of that time because it meant the dawn of a new economic world where also the lower classes had their share.
And a new revolution, the Internet, will change the economic world of today.
The dinosaurus didn't extinct, they became birds, smaller animals who needed less to survive.
The same has to happen with big corporations...