Friday, December 22, 2006

What is a digital camera for?

To fill your life with colors.

"Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet"

Describing a color in terms of something else has a long story.
Homer wrote of "wine dark” seas, Romans called a particular blue from overseas, "ultramarine", and a dye produced by a whelk "purple".
Take a herd of cows, feed them mango leaves, make a puree of the earth on which they have urinated day after day for months.
Dry, refine, and you have got "Indian yellow".
"Puce”’s named after the supposed hue of a flea's belly (Latin pulex)and the "blue" of jeans (bleu de Genes)after a shade once associated with the city of Genova.
The dye "magenta" was invented in 1859 and named to commemorate the battle of Magenta which occurred the same year.
In the computer language colors are numbers.
How do you fancy a tie in Pantone 537?
For me colors are brilliant, gorgeous, vivid, flaunting,glaring,loud, mellow,matching,pastel,kaleidoskopic,and a digital camera is good if it can paint my life with colors.
That is what digital photography is for.
Capturing the light which changes the world we see.
Revealing the harmony of colors.

Why would I like to win a HP digital camera?
I tell you a little story.
Once I met the mother of a friend of mine.
She was walking with her granddaughter.
"How nice she is!!! She looks so much like her mother, bla, bla, bla"...

"Wait to see her pictures!..."

I guess this explains WHY I would like a new digital camera...
We have our little virtual world where we can keep the image of ourselves we like to look at, or the pictures of the loved ones as we like to see them...(or to show them, which is almost the same)and a good digital camera IS the perfect tool for that.

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