Sunday, December 24, 2006

Can't catch it? A virus can still hurt you.

I thought I was safe.
My mail machine is a Microsoft Outlook 2003 based on a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Listening to its creator you can't have anything better than that as it is safe and secure.

You will find out that it does a good job sending your mails from the sender to the receiver and viceversa.
But what you also may find out is that it will let all the unwanted stuff pass with your mails even though I thought no virus could ever and possibly pose a threat to my mail.

And so, you will have to install many other programs to avoid all those things like Firewalls and Virus protection, which in principle should be included in your operating system.
You are never finished with it, because it will become an every day job as all those guys creating those malicious stuff go on and on doing so.

Some time ago I wrote a post about Norton 2007 download, I also tried it and since then I can say I am quite satisfied.
They also have a Help and Support forum that I find quite useful, and a FAQ Section
I didn't get any virus, but I am always on alert...I do not open suspicious emails and also unsuspicious emails...I just read the ones I am sure about.

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