Friday, December 22, 2006

Our society....

"If I was a kid now, I'd find a lot more to rebel against than what we faced in the 1960s: the draft and the insipid program of Levittown.I'd utterly reject the false commoditized reality and set out to discover the world. I'd get busy building a society with a plausible future (and be real excited about it)."

Then you would wake up and find out that nobody wants what you want: most of the people want just a cheap oil replacement.
And that is what you HAVE to promise if you want to be elected.
People want to believe in miracles. People want to have their own car, they want to consume as much oil or whatever available as they need.
People do not want to SAVE, people want to CONSUME.
Because that is what they have done all their life, that is what they have been taught to do, and that is what they want to do for the rest of it. And if you want to be liked YOU have to deliver or at least promise that.
WE are, MOST of us, addicted to this kind of life.
We created a consuming society and MOST IMPORTANT,our society is created on the base of consuming.
The more we consume, the healtier is our economy, the richer are the people who rule it.
And you do not want a REVOLUTION, do you?