Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Christmas

Virtual money is nice.
But it is even nicer when you can actually buy what you want with virtual money.
Payperpost money always looked like something unreal to me.
First because it was made in a funny way.
I had a subject to write for, I did, and most of the times they approved it...
Then I looked in my dashboard and saw it: blue on green.
That was the virtual money I could spend in a real way.

Of course the first step was going to ebay.
It looks like 99%of the people are on ebay now a day.
Even too many. Especially in the last few seconds and you have three or four windows open, a few millimeters from the last click...
Who is going to win?
Will I be fast enough or slow enough?
Will I just find the right, exact second when to click?
It is amazing, but also in a trivial movement like clicking on the "bid" button you behave in a different way, depending how much you care for the item you are going to buy.
A psychologist could make a book on it.
The fact is that when I do not care at all, I click too early and when I care too much I click too late...
Which is good in both cases.
I am happy when I actually AM NOT the highest bidder.
Tomorrow is going to be a BRAND NEW bidding day.

There are two big tragedies in life: One is not getting what you want and the second, much bigger is getting it...
Where is the fun?

Thank you PayPerPost and your blog ads. I will have a wonderful Christmas this year.
Bidding today and dreaming the item I will have tomorrow...and begin again tomorrow to bid for something else because I was outbidded...
Life is like a big ebay, beware to stop bidding, that means you are getting too old for life...

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