Wednesday, December 20, 2006

On Sex

Our society has become a copulating country, but not an erotic one.
The race is mantained and sex, from healthy animal sex down to pornography and, more recently, to video nasties, has become more fashionable, more of a pastime than it was some years ago.
But the alluring, sex-charged, electric atmosphere is still light years away.
A few girls do not regard a party as a success if they have to return home after it to sleep in their own bed.
It does not really matter whose bed it is, as long as it is not theirs.
This is all very straighforward and honest, even if it is not very romantic.
Another change in the social climate of sex has been that such antiquated ideas as jelousy and fidelity are allegedly going out of fashion.
To regard a woman as your own property (that is how jelousy and fidelity have been interpreted) is an insult which offends against all feminist principles.
A man's right to philander has never been seriously questioned throuhout the ages.
Female infidelity was always regarded as an outrage, in some societies punishable by death.
At the same time, all over the world, while they were stoning women to death for their infidelity, male philandering was regarded as a bit of fun.
There have been several attempts at solutions.
One was to grant complete sexual licence to both parties.
On a lower social level wife-swapping was in vogue for a while, but this never really worked.
As a rule, one party enjoyed his or her sexual freedom and the other party did not dare to confess that he or she hated every minute of it and suffered like hell, least he or she be regarded as a fossil.