Friday, December 22, 2006

Antivirus Program

"Phishing is just spam being used to trick people into revealing some information to the phisher, and relies very heavily on social engineering to succeed. By blocking spam effectively, the bait never reaches its target, and the opportunity for deception is crushed.
Phishers are now sending more targeted emails to businesses and these e-mails are designed to appear as though they were sent by another member of staff at the same organization, typically from the IT or HR departments. It seems that people will share their passwords fairly willingly via e-mail if they trust the source. It doesn’t hurt that this new breed of phisher promises treats to those who cooperate or threatens the employment of those who don’t."

Phishing is not just Spam, it is a try to cheat to get information's in order to get money.
And it is getting more and more dangerous.
It is treathening to harm the life we are used to.
How could we live without the online Banking?
Without being able to buy online, to book a plane, a holiday?
It is not necessary, it is unavoidable to use an antivirus program.
But how to choose the right one?
Norton AntiVirus 2007 download is where you can look and find the one that suits you best.
There you can find the Norton Software Comparison.

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