Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gout, Goutinol

In my grandfather's time suffering from gout was a sign of distinction.
If you suffered from it you certainly belonged to the "Upper Classes".
Because it meant that you could afford eating a lot of proteins (meat), while the mass lived on corn and rice...

Now a days it only means terrible pains, the ball of the big toe being the commonest site.
Gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis (joint inflammation). It appears as an acute attack often coming on overnight.
Without treatment the attack subsides in a week or so and when patients first develop gout there may be intervals of many months or even years between attacks. As time goes by, these tend to become more frequent and more severe and eventually many joints may be involved, sometimes all at the same time. At this stage a state of chronic or continuous joint disease may develop with progressive joint damage, disability and crippling (chronic gout).
At my grandfather's time there was not much to do, but staying in bed and praying it could pass...
But today, among the huge number of chemicals, it is possible to cure gout with natural remedies that work fast, within 2 to 3 days, to quickly stop Gout without any negative side effects. This means less pain and the chance to be active again soon... Used over 3 to 6 months, Gout can be completely reversed.

Goutinol has been clinically proven to be 99% effective in soothing the symptoms of Gout without any pharmaceutical drugs and avoid their harsh side-effects.
It was formulated using the latest nanotechnology to ensure effectiveness.
Published clinical studies show remarkable results...complete Gout reversal after prolonged use.
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