Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I like moving.
Because I like to change.
Every change means a brand new start in life and it is nice to change environment once in a while.
Being in a freshly painted room, clean and new, makes you doing the best promises to yourself.
I will keep this new office the best I can, always clean and ordered.
I will keep everything in its own place so that when I am looking for it I will immediately find it and so on.
And every time, slowly you go back to your own style...
My husband style is to leave most of the things he needs orderly on the floor, so that it is almost impossible to clean properly.
Once in a while when the room is almost filthy everything finds its own place in shelves and wardrobes to go back on the floor the next weeks.

We spend 50% of our working time looking for something.
I came to the conclusion that if you look for a key, you should look for a letter, so that, as usually happens, you do not find the letter, but instead you see the key.
The problem is when you do not find the letter and the key, but you find the business card you were looking one week before.
Anyway, it is never too late to contact people, may be it was destiny's plan to let you find it a week later, to contact that person in the right moment...

As I can see, you look a little bit better than us, a little bit more organized.
Or did you do it just in the movie?
Sometimes things are different from what they look...
You call it reality tv, but sometimes it is a special reality, the reality you live in front of a camera.
Never mind, all our life is a performance, it is not important what people are, what is really interesting is the mask that everybody wears, because, humiliating as it can be, behind everybody of us there is one common thing which is called "human nature".

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