Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Gourmetting" at Christmas

The other day I met my friend Grazia.
She is ALWAYS on a diet and hardly can keep the weight she has.
When I met her many years ago she used to have a model's body (she is quite tall)but then, comfortable life and love for Italian food made her what she is.
“Sometimes I would like to be a "born loser”!” she says, "Instead I am an everyday winner!" (of kilos of course).

But I must say that she sins just with the best.
And my Christmas presents to her are NOT what you would usually give to a normal woman, like perfumes or lotions or scarves.
I always buy Gourmet's stuff, things she hardly would buy because she would feel too guilty.
The Gourmet Gifts are a nice way to be remembered long after Christmas.
Little AND good is twice GOOD.

That is also a good idea for a candle light dinner on Christmas eve.
Few dishes, but very special.
Gourmet Gifts has an Ole English Christmas Dinner gift this year featuring Beef Wellington as center of the plate, Creamy Tomato Basil Soup, Raspberry Cordial Cheesecake, St. Ives European Coffee. You can pick the exact delivery date and a FREE delivery.
It is $89.99, but it is worth every cents.
And if you think how much it would cost THE SAME FOOD in a fancy restaurant, it is really a bargain.
And I also like the thought of NOT GOING out of my nice HOME!

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