Sunday, December 17, 2006

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Being small is great, because you have everything under control, competing with the bigs is not so great, because sometimes you lack the tools to be competitive.
MerchantOS with its point of sale software can help a lot.
Because you can save a lot letting them handle all the tasks you would need more employers to fulfill.
How can they help you?
All what can be done by computers and more.
How much would that cost?
I see companies like this as not only necessary, but essential to our future economical structure.
Small is the future, but communities are the secret of success.
Together means being stronger, and being stronger means being the winners.
It's cutting all the burdens that have little to do with your product, but a lot to do with your revenues.
The important is not only making a good product, but being able to sell it.
Act small but think big. And delegates. To the ones who are able to do the same job better.

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