Thursday, December 21, 2006

Credit Cards

Could we survive without a Credit Card?

I do not think we could, at least I COULDN'T.
It is a part of my life as the telephone or the car or the Internet.
I couldn't buy online, I couldn't do my shopping, I couldn't travel, I couldn't do any of the things I like best.

But, of course, you need a certain discipline in using them.
Because that little piece of paper looks magic, can open the doors to all your dreams, but can also open the doors to the worst nightmare if you overuse it.
And that is so easy...
You just give it and all your burdens are finished.
You do not have to count how much it is, the Bank will think of it...

Besides many of us overlook the cost of using them.
We all suppose they are free, but then we find out that MOST OF THEM ARE NOT.
They cost dearly, so dearly that sometimes it would be better to pay cash...

How to walk in the "credit cards jungle"?

There is a place where you can compare the pros and against and choose what best suits your needs.
You could even find something with 0% balance transfers
Go to
credit card news or
credit card advice and you will find the best deals on UK credit cards.
Creditcards-gb is a one-stop-shop for credit card information. They provide up to the minute financial advice and a guide to the best deals on the UK market.
Whether it’s about how to use your credit card to reduce debt, save or even make money, take the 3 step search and let Creditcards-gb put you onto a winner.

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