Friday, December 22, 2006

Written with the heart

This, for me, is the TOP POST 2006.
Written by Rajesh Jain

He talks about his son and every letter, every word, every sentence is the mirror of his love and his wonderful view of life.
Love is in the beholder's eyes.

"Of all the Tech Talks I have written this year, the one that is closest to my heart is the letter I wrote to Abhishek when he turned one in April.
An excerpt: "Sometimes, I wonder what you understand and know. Or how you learn. Or what you are thinking.
If only I could get a little peek into your little mind.
But then that's the charm, I guess. Every so often, you'll surprise me with what you can do. I look forward to coming home every evening and seeing a little different, a little unpredictable kid.
And, you never let me down!...It is probably an understatement to say that you've changed my life. When you are away (or I am travelling), I miss you a lot.
The mobile has become a photo album. I have seen your photos since birth innumerable times.
And I cannot get enough of you. You came to us with great difficulty and after a long time.
That is why perhaps I now treasure the moments with you so much more."
I ended thus: "There are times when I think you are as old as the New India that we are seeing! Your spirit and exuberance reminds me so much of our country. As you both grow up, I hope that same positive energy stays and infects the world around."

I am sure he will have the same positive energy his father has...

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