Friday, December 08, 2006


Every January it looks like the year that just began is going to be long, too long may be, but then, one day you wake up and it is Christmas again.
Let's be honest, since we grew up, the joy has gone away from Christmas.
The dreams, the expectations, all gone, to leave space to a more commercial world where making presents is getting almost a burden and making a Christmas tree a duty you will pay when a few weeks later you will have to dismount it.
I am a guru when it comes to laziness and always look for the way to make things easier and faster.
I made a Christmas tree some years ago, with a fake tree and many plastic colored balls. It had also a beautiful star on the top.
Then, when the season's end came, I just folded it with all decorations, put it in a big plastic bag and stored it in the attic till the next Christmas, to unfold it and repeating the same procedure.
And since then my job became much easier and faster.
It is true I did not have the same fun, but then I do not enjoy those things.
I am not a child anymore.

But this year I won't even need to unfold my Christmas tree ( that in the meantime has got outdated, I will wait till it gets what they call a "vintage tree and may be sell it on ebay, who knows, I can always find somebody who likes it, the "granny's Christmas tree").
This year I decided I will have a wonderful Virtual Christmas in my Virtual world.
My computer screen is quite big and good and I will jump in it like Alice in "Through the looking glass" and will wonder among beautiful landscapes with snow and huge Christmas trees with blinking lights and shining stars on top.
I will listen to Christmas songs and become again a child.
I will wait for Santa Claus coming on a sledge and deer’s.
I will sit on the snow and will not feel the cold.
I will eat all the Christmas sweets and will not get fatter.
I will have all the presents I dream of.
I will use some wonderful Christmas Screensavers I will have fun being creative and, of course, ALL THIS will be FREE.

And when I am tired of it, when the season will be finished, I won't even have to wrap my Christmas stuffs.
I will just jump out of my looking screen and get back to the real world.

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